Book Review

Omaga Rising

by Joshua Dalzelle

Omega Rising

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Omega Rising is the first of the Omega Force novels written by Joshua Dalzelle.

Jason Burke wakes up in the remoteness of the American Rockies, from what he thinks is a nightmare. He soon realises that what has actually woken him is the sound of an impending aviation disaster. He rises just in time to witnesses an aircraft fall from the sky, and crash near to his log cabin.

Jason decides that he must go and help any survivors at the crash site, but when he gets there, rather than the devastation he expects to see, he finds a slightly damaged aircraft, the like of which he’s never seen before. In fact, aircraft isn’t the right word for the vehicle at all - it’s more like a spacecraft!

Curiosity gets the better of him, and he decides to investigate further, which is where his real potential nightmare begins.

Shortly after walking up an access ramp, and entering what looks like a cargo bay, the cargo bay door closes, the engines jump to life, and the spacecraft takes off, knocking Jason unconscious in the process.

What follows is an adventure of a lifetime!

Jason encounters synthetic lifeforms, robots, gets involved with an inter-galactic crime syndicate, and finds himself living amongst all manner of creatures where it’s safe to say that he is the alien.

Omega Rising is a fast paced action packed space opera and delivers an excellent beginning to what will undoubtedly become an engaging series of adventures. Thoroughly recommended!