November 2016

Image of the Week: Beginning to Bloom

It hasn't been a good week for nature photography this week. Apart from it being cold, wet and windy outside, I'm currently suffering from an attack of cellulitis, which means that this photographer hasn't been up to much either... (more)


I'm very pleased to announce that I have recently finished working on my fifth book cover artwork collaboration. Timing is the follow up to Far from the Spaceports, which was the first in a series of science fiction novels written by my good friend Richard Abbott... (more)

Image of the Week: Water World

The last seven days haven't been good for gardening, or for photography! Although in recent days it has been a little warmer, we've seen quite a lot of rain... (more)

Image of the Week: Behind the Cosmos

This week has seen the first frosty mornings of the season, so the gardens are really starting to shut down for the year. However, there are still a few plants still hanging on... (more)

Image of the Week: Skeletal

This week in dad's garden there was a definite feel of autumn, as flowers died back, leaves turned brown, insect life disappeared, and the weather turned much cooler... (more)