September 2015

Image of the Week: Crane Fly

It was only last week that I wrote about not being able to walk around the garden without running into a spider web. This week there were new obstacles, namely, crane flies... (more)

Blood Moon

I couldn't resist staying up until about 4am to grab a few shots of the 'blood moon' as the supermoon and lunar eclipse coincided on Sunday night... (more)

Website Update

Regular visitors to the website and blog will have noticed the introduction of a new Privacy Policy... (more)

Image of the Week: Garden Spider

September is the time of the year when it becomes difficult to walk around the garden without becoming entangled in spider webs... (more)

Image of the Week: Japanese Anemone

The weather meant I had very little time for photography this weekend, and when I did get outside, there didn't appear to be much to photograph... (more)

Image of the Week: Food Coloured Heather

So I was walking around the garden centre earlier today, looking for something colourful to make the garden a more pleasant place to be as summer winds down, when I came across this stuff... (more)

Image of the Week: Elephant Hawk Moth

It's not often that I post my Image of the Week on the same day that I take it. In fact, that wasn't my plan for this week either, until I came to put my bin out in readiness for the refuse collectors. Let me explain... (more)