October 2015

Image of the Week: Cloud Iridescence

Here's a photograph of something a little different from me. This colourful looking abstract is of a rainbow in a cloud... (more)

Image of the Week: Anthurium

This remarkable looking flower is called an Anthurium, and this particular plant has been flowering non-stop since last Christmas... (more)

Image of the Week: Schizostylis Coccinea

At a time of the year when most flowers are fading, it's nice to see a flower that's thriving in the cooler temperatures of autumn... (more)

Image of the Week: Nuts Whole Hazelnuts

As I was walking around a particularly magnificent looking Corkscrew hazel tree (Corylus avellana contorta) at the weekend, I noticed a number of hazelnuts scattered around its base... (more)

Website Update

This is just a short announcement to inform everyone that there is now an option to share articles from the website using Google+... (more)

Website Update

With another new month comes another trio of website updates! Updates include a new look for the Image of the Week archive, a refresh for the Latest Article page and the introduction of a new Acknowledgements page... (more)