March 2015

Image of the Week: Cobalt Blue

I've recently taken on the task of trying to better organise my image archives, and it has led me to discovering some hidden gems amongst my portfolio of images... (more)

Image of the Week: Hoverfly Eye

Anyone who follows my photography knows that I love shooting insects... (more)

Image of the Week: Springtime Tulips

It always feels more like springtime when the tulips arrive - even if they were bought from a shop... (more)

Happy St Patrick's Day

I love any excuse for posting one of my water splash images, and St Patrick's Day seems like as good an excuse as any... (more)

Happy Mother's Day

I couldn't let Mothering Sunday pass without uploading something pretty to mark the day... (more)


I was most excited by the return of the frogs to my garden pond. They've been breeding there for the last four or five years, and this year have already produced frogspawn... (more)

Image of the Week: Pied Wagtail

If there's one thing I love taking pictures of, it's birds! As subjects, they offer the photographer a fantastic challenge... (more)

Image of the Week: Blooming Springtime

For this week's Image of the Week, the object of the exercise was to capture springtime from the viewpoint of a bug... (more)

Happy St David's Day

What better way to celebrate St David's day than to go out and shoot some daffodils? The only problem is... (more)